Bosch 3397118979 Aerotwin Wiper Blade Set – 24″ Review

Bosch 3397118979 Aerotwin Wiper Blade Set – 24″ Review

Bosch 3397118979 Aerotwin Wiper Blade

If you have ever tried driving in bad weather, then you know how important a good set of wiper blades are to both your own safety and the safety of your passengers on board. Good windshields are even important for the safety of pedestrians and children crossing the road.

The Bosch 3397118979 Aerotwin Wiper Blade Set – 24″ is a set of wiper blades that keeps your windshields clear and clean for optimum visibility. No longer will you have to squint to see the world outside your car.

Key Features

imagesAerodynamic wind spoiler

imagesExclusive FX dual-rubber-technology

imagesTwin precision-tensioned steel springs

imagesElite weather shield connector system

imagesNoiseless operation

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The Bosch 3397118979 Aerotwin Wiper Blade Set is a pair of wiper blades with a handful of special features for both the safety and comfort of the driver and his/her passengers.

The aerodynamic wind spoilers of the device prevent the wiper blades from ‘lifting off’ during times of high winds. The exclusive FX dual rubber technology prevents the wipers from rusting and protects them from hardening and ozone damage.

Even pressure is applied all throughout the blade’s length through the wiper’s dual precision tensioned steel springs. This allows for the windshield to be cleaned evenly and thoroughly, so that every inch is clear.

Snow build up can be prevented as well with the Bosch 3397118979 Aerotwin Wiper Blade Set, through the use of its special weather shield connector feature. The wiper blades glide over the windshields smoothly and quietly.


  • The quick and easy instalment of these wiper blades has been highly commended, for this saves a person the money and time he/she might have had to use in hiring someone else to get the installation done.
  • The Bosch 3397118979 Aerotwin Wiper Blade Set works well and works quietly, both two excellent criteria for a good set of wiper blades.
  • The wipers do not fly up, as other wipers may, in times of strong wind.


One thing that users have noticed about these wiper blades is that they do not fit properly onto all types of windshields.

Customer Reviews

It can be concluded that most people are more than happy with how their Bosch 3397118979 Aerotwin Wiper Blade Set functions. The wipers clean windshields easily and without much friction or noise. The installation process is quick and easy as well. Some users however, have been left less than satisfied with the blades, saying that they did not fit their car’s windshields properly.

“These Bosch wipers were the perfect replacement for the OEM wipers on my 2009 VW Jetta TDI Wagon. Installation was super easy and they work great. I had considered the Rain X wipers, but they seem to get very mixed reviews so I decided to go with Bosch. Very glad I did. I highly recommend the Bosch brand if you need replacement wipers.”

 Anomalator, Amazon Customer Review

“It was nice to find a set of Bosch wiper blades not made in China, I think they were made in Belgium. Fits my Jetta perfectly, I bought a second set right away, as a backup, just in case they move production to China.”

matth3wdean, Amazon Customer Review

The Bosch Aerotwin Wiper Blade has been reviewed by 524 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.4 out of 5.0. Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon.


Overall, the Bosch 3397118979 Aerotwin Wiper Blade Set is a practical and good buy for people willing to pay a little more for a pair of well-functioning windshield wipers. The device works well, works quickly and works quietly. They offer a driver high visibility in virtually any situation and time of day. This provides a driver and his/her passengers the safety and comfort they need for any type of car ride or road trip.

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