Trico 14-A Exact Fit Rear Wiper Blade, 14″ Review

Trico 14-A Exact Fit Rear Wiper Blade 14″ Review

Trico 14-A Exact Fit Rear Wiper Blade

Some of you may think of replacing wiper blades as a laborious and stressful task, one that includes aching fingers and long minutes. With other windshield wipers, this may be the case. However, with the Trico 14-A Exact Fit Rear Wiper Blade, replacing old wiper blades takes only a matter of seconds. True to its name, this ‘exact fit’ model allows anyone to change his/her wiper blades in one easy motion.

Key Features

imagesExact fit for the Roc Loc 2 arm

imagesEasy installation

imagesExact O.E appearance for both imported and domestic vehicles

imagesOne step installation, installs in seconds

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The Trico 14-A Exact Fit Rear Wiper Blade, 14″ is a windshield wiper that allows problems with replacing wipers to become a thing of the past. With this device, installation is easy and will take only a matter of seconds. No adaptors are needed for this model for they have been manufactured specifically to fit right onto the car’s arm type.

This wiper blade fits perfectly into any Roc Loc 2 arm. All you have to do is remove your old wipers, and snap these new blades on. It is truly as easy as that.

The Trico 14-A Exact Fit Rear Wiper Blade, 14″ provides a driver with high visibility when on the road. The wipers glide over the car’s windshield smoothly, in a manner as noiseless as possible.

Trico 14-A Exact Fit Rear Wiper Blade


  • The easy to install nature of these wiper blades has been greatly commended. All it takes is a snap or a click and the new wipers are in place.
  • The Trico 14-A Exact Fit Rear Wiper Blade, 14″ (Pack of 1) is inexpensive, effective and easy-to-use.


Not all users may be familiar with the types of arms that their wiper blades come with. Because of this, comments have been made over how the wiper blades do not fit onto specific types of windshields. This is because though the Trico 14-A Exact Fit Rear Wiper Blade, 14″ (Pack of 1) is an ‘exact fit’, it only works for wiper blades of the Roc Loc 2 variety.

Customer Reviews

Majority of users who have reviewed these wiper blades are more than happy with their performance. The blades fit exactly into place and are extremely easy to install. They clean the windshield thoroughly and do not create squeaky noises when in use. Other people however, have complained over how the Trico 14-A Exact Fit Rear Wiper Blade, 14″ does not fit snugly over their windshields. This may be because these wiper blades are designed specifically for the Roc Loc 2 arm and may not work as well with other varieties.

“This wiper blade was the exact replacement for my 2010 Scion xB back window. It looks OEM and the directions to put it on were on the back of the wiper box. It works great. I am really impressed.”

Jim, Amazon Customer Review

“After a lot of research I decided to go with the trico and try it. It was an easy installed. Just popped off older wiper blade and installed this one in less than a minute. It was an exact fit and had no problems”

xnap30, Amazon Customer Review

I could not find a replacement wiper blade for my vehicle. The dealer wanted $55 for it and in fact they informed me it was back ordered. I tried adapters I tried various brands at the auto parts speciality stores. I tried big box stores. Nothing worked or fit on this stupid rear window. Then I found this on Trico Exact Fit Rear Wiper Blade.

The application listing had a specific entry for my vehicle.. When this arrived I compared it to the original blade and I couldn’t see a visual or measurable difference. Add to that the lack of awkward adapters the Trico Exact Fit blade was easier to install. Recommend this highly! 5*s

Banzai, Amazon Customer Review

The Trico 14-A Exact Fit Rear Wiper Blade has been reviewed by 254 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.4 out of 5.0Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon.


The Trico 14-A Exact Fit Rear Wiper Blade, 14″ is a practical buy for anybody looking for an easy and inexpensive way to replace their old windshield wipers. Take note that these wipers only work for cars with the Roc Loc 2 arm.

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